Beautifully illustrated by Janie Frith and written by Judith Barker, The Ee in the Deep Blue Sea: A fun phoneme story is an Australian-themed children’s book that teaches readers about the vowel sound Ee and what words they can find it in.

The rich colours and vibrant use of multi-media enhance the page-turning experience. It explores many undersea and reef environments and introduces children to twenty of the many sea animals. Ee in the Deep Blue Sea: A Fun phoneme story educates and portrays illustrations about the surrounding oceans and sea life in our waters. The book also makes an excellent souvenir for future families post-pandemic travelling to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef as it depicts well the iconic tourist destination.

The book is unique for family members to purchase for their little relatives to learn and explore the nation’s sea life, teaching children about phonemes specifically the Ee’s, which is recommended for primary age children. Janie and Judith’s first book they created together The Oo in Uluru won the 2019 Book of the Year award from Speech Pathology Australia.

Judith, the well-written author of both publications, is an English teacher who has taught phonemic awareness to children in Europe, the Middle East, India and China. While researching masters in phonology, Judith began to use visual language in stories, by colouring the different phonemes so that children could make a holistic sense of the various spelling patterns. While Janie, the talented artist of both publications attended art school and became an art teacher, where she currently holds art classes in her studio Art Blast.

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