Promoting a world where mathematics is considered important is a key driver for leading mathematics educator Dr Sara Delano Moore.

“We have to flatten the curve.” How many times have we heard that in the past few weeks? It is one of the reasons why we needed to pay attention when we learned about exponential growth in algebra class. For many of us, the lessons were long ago and we’re now having a quick refresher course,” said Dr Moore of Queensland based ORIGO Education.

“We live in a world where mathematics is important, for public health, for family budgeting, for making good decisions in many ways. We also live in a world where many believe mathematics is difficult, or that only some of us are good at math and that it is okay to say, `I don’t do math’. I disagree,” says Moore.“Our mission at ORIGO Education is to change those beliefs and lay a foundation for mathematics to be meaningful, enjoyable, and accessible for all.”

As ORIGO Education’s Director of Professional Learning and Mathematics Advisory Board Chair, Dr Moore’s current focus is on changing how everyone thinks about mathematics. “Teachers are working hard to change the narrative of mathematics from a painful time of memorisation and worksheets to an enjoyable sensemaking and problem-solving experience,” she said.

As a fourth-generation educator, Dr Moore has 40 years experience as a classroom teacher, university teacher educator, academic company director, and educational consultant in the mathematics arena. She is also the co-author of Dr John Hattie’s influential book, Visible Learning: Mathematics.

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