Anne Ascharsobi, founder of Generous Jewels, was a Google employee of eight years, before she began leading various philanthropy programs across the Asia-Pacific and Australia. During this time she noticed a gap in the market for ethically sourced and produced jewellery, which drove her to leave the corporate world behind to start up a jewellery line, where 100 per cent of the profits are donated to funding poverty eradication programs across the globe. An incredible element of the business is Anne makes no personal income on this project and she intends to keep it this way.

Anne believes that jewellery retailers can be ruthless in the money moving world, and can have negative environmental impacts and un-sustainable practices that involve mining, chemical use and unethical labour. Generous Jewels range was founded in 2018 to set new standards for the jewellery retail business. Made from all-natural gemstones and precious metals, Generous Jewels uses environmentally conscious business practices, and respectfully supply jobs to local artists and impoverished indigenous communities.

Anne aims to provide clean water, food, medical care, and economic opportunities to lift every fellow human being out of poverty. She also wants to see a present that respects nature‚Äôs bounty and fragility, so that we can create a future where our environment can support many generations to come. Generous Jewel’s social impact story outlines the way they aid underprivileged communities.

Having recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl (Liena Wang Ascharsobi) in June, Anne is even more driven to support the women of the world and proudly believes that as a consumer we have the ability to change the industries that we wear, while wearing beautiful things.
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