Year 11 student, Gina Rambold-Dent from Queensland’s Mabel Park State High School, has been awarded the $5000 Choose Maths Scholarship. Named 2018 QLD Girl Power STEM Ambassador and 2019 UQ Science Ambassador, the 16-year old student is more than an inspiration.

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute surprised Gina with the scolarship, providing financial support for entry into tertiary studies. The scolarship recognises the excellence and achievements of students who have had high engagement with the AMSI Choose Maths project and demonstrated extraordinary benefit from their participation. Over the past five years, AMSI has been has been working with students, parents and teachers to challenge community attitudes to mathematics and the particiaption of girls and women through the Choose Maths project.

Gina has been involved with AMSI Choose Maths since its beginnings in 2015, and credits the Project and Mabel Park State High School’s Head of Maths and Science, Stacey King, for building her confidence in mathematics and current participation in advanced studies. “Choose Maths has inspired me to strive regardless of disadvantage in my life. As a young woman, the Project has empowered me to pursue a STEM career. Something I didn’t think was possible, as no-one in my family has done this before,” she said.

For many, AMSI Choose Maths has opened opportunities they could not have previously dreamed about. Amongst these students, Gina stands out both in terms of her exceptional achievement and the way she has seized every opportunity the project has offered. She has done this despite exceptional disadvantage that would have deterred most students.

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