Melbourne business woman and founder of Handle Your Own PR, Jules Brooke, 54, created a group called She’s The Boss for female founders and women in business in March 2020 at the beginning of the lockdown.

“I felt that business women, especially those that work for themselves, needed a place to connect and be supported through what was a time of uncertainty for everyone,” said Ms Brooke. The group provides a safe and positive space to air problems or ideas. In a recent survey of their members, 58% said that they had a love/hate relationship with women’s business networking groups.

Beverley Honig, entrepreneur, lawyer and Judge had this to say “It’s rare to come across such a supportive group of women as this. True believers in each other. Kudos to Jules Brooke who has set the culture of supportive boss women!” Jessica Keating, founder of Your Magic Helper says, “It’s taken me to the next level…this group will change your life – it has changed mine – no word of a lie!”.

Another question asked in the survey, was whether women would like to see more female founders and women in business in the media, and if so, what media. The overwhelming response was around television and events.

Brooke then created a podcast called She’s The Boss Chats where she interviews a diverse range of women, all business owners, about why they set up their businesses and how their entrepreneurial journey unfolded. The podcast has now released over 55 episodes. She also created a YouTube channel where she interviews successful female founders from all over the world as well as Australia.

Brooke believes that there is a movement amongst business women globally with regards to equality and visibility. “The ‘old boys club’ has worked for men for years, now it’s time for women to support each other and for us to lift the younger women around us up and into the spotlight,” Brooke says.

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