Slim By Nature Founder Zhanna Gee

Published on December 9, 2019 | in Profiles

A group of women who have collectively lost over 200kg met in person for the first time on Sunday December 8. Each woman partook in a personalised detox program with Slim By Nature and the event is being sponsored by the company’s founder and certified holistic nutritionist, Zhanna Gee.

Driven by passion and a desire to nurture, educate and empower women on their journey to a healthier and happier life, Zhanna created the concept of Slim by Nature when she herself was on a mission to detox and shed a few kilograms. Researching weight loss brought Zhanna into contact with an abundance of incredible naturopaths and nutritionists who she then worked with to develop and perfect a number of unique holistic formulas and eating plans.

Zhanna is many things; mother of two children, an entrepreneur, multi-linguist, nutritionist, female advocate, an international business school graduate, and weight-loss expert. She was a 2019 finalist for the International Women’s Day Leadership Award Program, and a 2018 nominee in the Gold Coast Bulletin/Harvey Norman Women of the Year Awards. Zhanna was also a recent nominee in the 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Awards. Zhanna is currently in the process of completing her education in Herbalism, and she is constantly trying to advance her skills in a variety of fields to enhance the lives of the women she meets. Zhanna is a strong believer that each woman is unique, beautiful and has something to offer and share with the world. Through Slim By Nature, she also supports communities by donating a percentage of profits to notable women’s charitable organisations.

Slim By Nature’s Detox programs are focused on gently taking pressure off the body’s natural detoxifying process, aiding the liver and other systems in eliminating toxins and helping women improve their well-being by addressing some of those less than healthy habits. The event was about female health and empowerment, women lifting up other women and celebrating their achievements.

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