Australian artist Montaigne has released her new single Ready and confirmed details of her forthcoming national tour, following the success of her For Your Love single tour earlier this year.

Ready is Montaigne’s most anthemic single and is lifted from her soon to be released second album entitled Complex, the follow up to her ARIA Award winning, Top 5 debut album, Glorious Heights. Complex is set for release on August 30 is set to launch in limited edition vinyl as well as CD and digital.

To celebrate the new record, Montaigne will be hitting the road for her Complex album tour (presented by Triple J) in November 2019, kicking off in Adelaide on 7 November, then moving through Perth, Fremantle, Maroochydore, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Bendigo, Torquay, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and finishing up in Wollongong on 30 November. Montaigne has partnered with PLUS1 so that one dollar from every ticket goes towards supporting Bush Heritage Australia, a national non-profit organisation conserving biodiversity in Australia.

Ready is a heartfelt call to arms; a soundtrack for activism. There’s an undeniable element of pop to this song as Montaigne’s soaring vocals elevate the chorus, and the irresistible hook ‘I think I’m ready to go, I think I’m ready’, cycles like a mantra around shifting drumbeats. Montaigne’s music however has a deeper meaning. “To me the song is about this political moment,” the artist explains. “Where humanity is starting to realise how actually cooked this planet is, that it never had to be like this, and that we have the power now to overthrow those who’ve forced us into this corner. It’s music that I’m proud of representing, because I think that it reflects the feelings swirling around the current political situation my generation is facing, and it attempts to transform the anxiety amongst those feelings into angry power. It’s like a fuel source.”

The album Complex will address feelings of everything from loneliness and isolation to distorted love narratives and self-image. Montaigne worked with a wide range of producers on Complex, to create songs that are meaningful and unique.

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