Rebekkah Millwood is working to improve and change behaviours in the hospitality industry.  With over 20 years’ experience in the Brisbane hospitality industry and a business (Bekk Millwood and Co. Hospitality) dedicated to helping clients to improve their team culture, Millwood has seen the demand for considered, balanced lifestyle options grow from the health-conscious to the wider market.

Recently, she has seen concerns like employee wellness programs and self-care initiatives come to the forefront of client concerns, so it was these trends, in conjunction with conversations in the hospitality industry, that resulted in Millwood identifying a cultural shift towards mindful drinking that has been supported by the boom in popularity of products like Lyre’s Spirit Co, which she brought on board as major event sponsors.

A nation-first event launched in Fortitude Valley Brisbane on Sunday, February 2, Healthy Hedonism Festival is the result of Millwood’s hard work. “The Healthy Hedonism Festival is all about entertaining our hedonistic curiosities in a more mindful and healthy way. We are encouraging healthy lifestyles while simultaneously enjoying the pleasures of great food and beverages,” said Millwood. Attendees of the festival can indulge in food and drink pop-ups, mindful cocktail and cooking demonstrations, sampling, boutique fitness and wellness classes and talks, beer yoga and recovery dips in X Cargo’s pop-up pool. “The Healthy Hedonism Festival is all about promoting mindful drinking, and encouraging more balanced, high-performing, healthier lifestyles in our communities.”

Millwood believes the mindful drinking and sober-curious movement is already spurring growth in the hospitality industry as people are actively seeking out premium, healthier options for when they’re out socialising. With a range of fitness, wellness, community and hospitality partners coming together to celebrate a healthier lifestyle for the first time in this way, Rebekkah says she feels this is a really positive culture shift for all parties involved.

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