Annabelle Hardie is an Australian accessories designer based in Madrid, Spain. Originally from a sheep and cattle property in outback Queensland, she could not be further from home, but that is how her journey began.

Annabelle’s itching curiosity of what lay beyond those never-ending-outback horizons of her childhood gave her the thirst to set off and see the world. The designer took off with a backpack and an around-the-world ticket, and spent a year wandering around the globe. In 2010, Annabelle sold everything she owned and moved to Madrid when she won a scholarship to study Fashion and Accessories Design at the Institute of European Design. Her first year designs in a collaboration with Zara, were invited to be exhibited at Paris Fashion Week in the Louvre in 2011 and later in La Caixa Forum in Madrid as part of the Sustainable Fashion Movement exhibitions.

Upon graduating from IED in 2013, Annabelle received her first bridal gown client, Sian. She also made the bridesmaids’accessories, and from there the aisle to bridal wear opened up. Annabelle loved every minute of breaking all the usual bridal wear design traditions while designing her own dress. Annabelle decided to combine all of her loves and talents and launch her own jewellery and bridal design label Annabelle Hardie.

Everything is made by hand in her Madrid studio, from high quality materials some of which are vintage or recycled, many of which she has collected from mountain tops, exotic beaches, vast deserts and narrow alleyways on her travels. She strives to make one offs, limited editions and custom made pieces, because, she says, in a world of global fast fashion, it is hard to find something that is essentially you.

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