Bryon Bay trio The Buckleys have recently debuted their new album, Daydream, which has been well received by the music industry.

The Buckley siblings, 20-year old Sarah and 17-year-old Molly together with brother, 19-year-old Lachlan, have embraced the singing and songwriting industry as they have previously lived and breathed music as musical influences inspired them. With much time spent developing and honing their artistry, The Buckleys collection of music is a fusion of Country, Pop, Americana and Indie with their new debut album, Daydream, embodying a sense of sun-kissed tunes.

The album was produced and engineered by multi-Grammy Award winner Chad Carlson who engineered Taylor Swift’s second Country album. Daydream’s four singles have also reached the Top 10 Australian Country Airplay charts as well as having been recognised internationally with multiple playlist nods across Spotify, Apple Music, VEVO and Radio Disney Country in the United States.

The warmth and richness that the Buckleys exude is consistent within their new record and songs throughout, fitting within the resurgence of young Country music artists pushing their music further into the mainstream scene. The trio’s fresh and harmonically healthy sound is derived from the creativity and energy all three siblings share and feed off.

Daydream encompasses moments of romantic nostalgia with their hit, Glad You Did, and fun tunes of, Vibe and Feeling The Love. Country melodies of Crazy Like You and Wild Honey are also in the mix along with more contemporary Americana-flecked pop of  Til You Can’t Go Back and Breathe. Daydream draws on the siblings’ tight connection and family roots and their natural ability to write memorable melodies and hooks.

The Buckleys have also worked with several country writers including JT Harding who has worked with the likes of Keith Urban and Blake Shelton. The album can be streamed for free now on Spotify. 

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