Courtney Norris is one of those people who seemingly know how to do it all. In fact, it would be easy to dislike her diverse talents and astounding success, if it were not for her generous and collaborative spirit. Norris is the founder and director of The Cove, a Brisbane based custom design work space that encourages collaboration between small business owners, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs. Rather than using her expertise to monopolise the event management arena, Norris is helping up and coming creative professionals to realise their dreams.

Norris’ revamp of Brisbane’s coworking space can be traced back to her formal degree in International Relations, Psychology, and Human Rights and Ethics. She commenced her career in Creative Industries and the not-for-profit sector, which took her across the globe from Australia to London and Hong Kong. Following her move back to Australia in 2014, Courtney applied herself to commercial property development and management, and she worked closely with international car manufacturers Hyandai and Mitsubishi. Norris noticed a lack of dynamism in the Brisbane business landscape, and sought to nurture a new environment that encouraged connections and creations in the workplace.

Split across two levels, The Cove offers a range of shared workspaces and luxury office suites, thereby providing the perfect balance between a serviced office space and a coworking environment. To continue her support of local talent, Norris has pledged her sponsorship of The Design Conference 2018. as one of the 2018 event sponsors. The Design Conference is a world class design, art, and business event which attracts some of the most creative and well-renowned designers from both the Australian and international creative communities. “The Design Conference and The Cove share an aligned philosophy of connecting creatives and fostering next-generation talent in the design industry, so when the opportunity to partner for this year’s event came about, it was no question that we were going to be on board,” Norris said.

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