Dr Sandra Cabot has been a medical doctor for more than 40 years and graduated with honours in Medicine and Surgery in 1975 from the University of Adelaide South Australia. In her time practising medicine she has written more than 30 books on health, including Cancer Survival Strategies-A Holistic Approach and the award-winning Liver Cleansing Diet Book.

In her book, Cancer Survival Strategies, A Holistic Approach, Dr Sandra Cabot reveals how a cancer sufferer can harness their natural energy to maximise chances of survival. The book provides a Survival Plan to strengthen the body’s innate defence and fighting mechanisms to work towards a speedier recovery from treatment.

This book teaches how to ask the right questions regarding treatment decisions, be more confident with your own research, reduce damage from chemotherapy and radiation, repair and detoxify your cells and restore your immune system. Dr Cabot’s uses an integrative medical approach incorporating strategies from traditional medicine, nutritional medicine and cutting-edge technologies.

With all of Dr Cabot’s work she aims to demystify the complex landscape of oncology for cancer patients. Her main focus is to provide clear direction, education and inspiration to cancer sufferers who often feel depleted from chemotherapy and/or radiation and overwhelmed by the plethora of conflicting information available on the Internet. In her book she provides a broad perspective and discusses the best complementary therapies available to support healthy immune function and repair of damaged cells.

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